Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Legendary Details Shared by ArenaNet

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

Developer ArenaNet has shared some new details about Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Legendary precursor quest. According to a new post by AreneNet, players will have access to a Mastery track that’ll help them unlock precursor crafting.

If you don’t know, Mystery tracks is a new progression system being added via the new expansion. This will help you put earned experience towards training certain abilities after you reach level 80.

ArenaNet wrote:

This particular Mastery track is all about legendary crafting, and the first three tiers are dedicated to guiding you through the three tiers required to craft the first set of precursors that were introduced with the original release of Guild Wars 2.

By completing the first three tiers, you can unlock the journey to acquire precursors by visiting the Mastery vendor and choosing which precursor to work with.

Once activated, you are only allowed to craft one of each precursor and each legendary weapon has two themes. We can take the example of Moot here:

A moot is a norn celebration of prowess, so that’s the basis of our themes for the legendary mace named for it. The first collection is all about the hunt, so you’ll be proving your abilities by fighting fierce creatures around Tyria and acquiring a trophy to show for it. By completing this collection, you’ll unlock a recipe to craft the first iteration of your precursor— a non-tradable exotic weapon with a distressed version of the existing precursor skin.

Once you have crafted the first phase, you get to the second and eventually the third phase. The second phase involves talking to NPC’s, honing your craft and doing research. As for the last phase, you will head back to the themes of their legendary weapons.

In the case of Moot, you will have to participate in a number of additional Norn celebratory activities.

Since the Moot’s theme is all about partying, you’ll participate in a range of activities that include dancing with world leaders, setting off fireworks for the Spirits of the Wild, and sampling delicacies and libations from around Tyria.

Lastly, ArenaNet has revealed that legendary weapons won’t be tradable or sold.

You can read more over at the official website.

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