Believe it or Not: Someone Finished Bloodborne in 39 Minutes

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

Have you played Bloodborne? Can you imagine finishing the game in less then 40 minutes? I certainly can’t. It took me around 4 hours just to get out of Central Yarhnam and defeat the first boss. After that I got a hang of things but still the game is incredibly difficult.

After doing some research on the game, I came to know that a number of people have quit. They just gave-up due to how tough Bloodborne is. Well, the following news may motivate them to jump back IN and bring out their inner hardcore gamer.

Twitch streamer Irey_tv managed to finish the game in 39 minutes. This is unbelievable, I have seen speedruns of numerous games but seeing one for Bloodborne is really amazing.

Yarhnam is filled with several type of monsters but those who played the game will know that you can just run past them straight to the boss. That’s how Irey_tv did it, he figured out how to take out each boss beforehand, and during the speedrun he just went around chopping up bosses.

Hence, Bloodborne is completed in exactly 39:21 minutes. You can see the whole speedrun above as proof, but keep in mind it’s full of spoilers.

Will you ever be able to do the same? Let us know in what you think of Bloodborne in the comments.

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