Atlus USA Seems to Have Teased Attack on Titan Localization

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

It seems that Atlus USA is teasing something related to Attack on Titan: The Last Wing of Mankind. Because if they aren’t, the video they shared will have a whole different meaning.

Atlus USA shared a link to their Vine channel which showed a man (in the role of a titan), squashing some ketchup packets (who portray humans) before eating the hot-dog.

The caption of the video states “Are you the Hotdog? No, We are Ketchup.” Fans of the series will recognize this as a reference to Attack Titan. The opening lyric of the popular anime series “Are you the prey? No, we are hunters!” seems to be referred here.

You can see the short video above.

This is clearly a reference to the game and it seems Atlus USA is planning to localize Attack on Titan. The game has so far been available in Japan only, but fans have been hoping to see it in other regions as well. Looks like their prayers have finally been heard.

Things aren’t official yet so keep your expectations in check. If the game is indeed being localized, we can expect to hear something in the coming days.

Check back with us for more updates.

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