Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Trilogy Set to Take You Through China, Russia, and India

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

Get your exploring cap on because Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Trilogy is going to take you to three different locations set in completely different times.

The first “chronicle” is going to take place in China, where players will experience the downfall of the Ming dynasty. The other two chronicles will be set in Russia during the aftermath of the Red October revolution, and India under the waring Sikh Empire.

Ubisoft however, has not clarified which of these two will be released after the China chronicle. At this point, I’m going to assume it’s Russia.

Climax Studios is collaborating with Ubisoft Montreal over the development of the Chronicles Trilogy. Each game will be connected with the Assassin’s Creed lore and feature 2.5D perspective action platforming. The real visual treat here is that each game is going to bring its own distinct art style.

Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles – China will release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 21 in both North and South America, followed by a release in European territories a day later. The remaining two installments, will release as separate entries sometime in the future.

According to the announcement, each chronicle will be priced at $9.99. However, purchasing the Season Pass will get you all three entries for the price of two, with Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles – China being a free download.

After treading through Assassin’s Creed titles year after year, the Chronicles are perhaps the first time that players might feel excited about the franchise. It’s unique and fresh, and something that will be a blessing for those tired eyes.

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