April’s PlayStation Plus Games Revealed – Never Alone, Killzone Mercenary and More

By   /   Mar 31, 2015

Sony has announced six new titles for the month of April as part of its Instant Game Collection program for PlayStation Plus users, which coincidentally could be to match the recent announcement of Microsoft involving six of their freebies as well.

The first game is Tower of Guns for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, a rogue-like first-person shooter where each level is randomly generated to surprise players.

The second offering is Aaru’s Awakening, a 2D action-platformer where players take charge of a mythical creature who has to juggle his teleportation and charging skills to make it through the levels. Like the first, this will also be available on both PlayStation consoles.

For the PlayStation 4 alone, Never Alone is a puzzle-platformer where players will get to explore the world of Alaska Native stories alongside your fox companion. Over on the PlayStation 3, the fabulous stealth and roof-jumping Dishonored is going to be free for the month.

Finally, Vita owners will have the chance to try out Killzone: Mercenary, or the puzzle-platformer MonsterBag.

All of the above games become available on April 8, which is also when March’s offerings disappear.

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