New Jurassic World TV Spot Highlights the Brutal Indominus Rex

By   /   Mar 30, 2015

A new Jurassic World TV spot has been released, giving fans insight of the new Indominus Rex introduced in the movie.

Although the clip does not exactly give a full look of the creature, but it reveals certain details, about how she is going to make the tourists regret coming to the park.

Owen (Chris Pratt) works at the park as a Raptor researcher, in the clip he says that Indominus is ‘killing for sport’.

Jurassic World’s website says that Indominus Rex although resembles a T-Rex but she is distinctively unique.

They have labelled it as the ‘most fearsome dinosaur ever to be displayed at Jurassic World’. It is a genetically engineered at the Hammond Creation Labs because the park did not have a dinosaur of this kind (As if the creatures already existing weren’t scary enough).

Indominus is untamable, she has great strength and once she is able to break free from the cage, keeping her in there for this long was already a challenge; it will be difficult to stop her.

The site says that Indominus can be as loud as a 747 taking off and landing which reaches the sound of almost 140-160db.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Henry Wu will join Chris Pratt on this journey to stop this huge, fast and untamable dinosaur; we all hope he uses a little something more than a rifle though.

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