Justin Bieber Forgot Lyrics During One of Ariana Grande’s Concerts

By   /   Mar 30, 2015

As Justin Bieber is growing up, I think he is losing his ability to sing. Bieber crashed into Ariana Grande’s Miami tour and he could not even sing.

At first, he could not get the notes right and then he was so overwhelmed by the crowd that he completely forgot the lyrics to the song.

I don’t know what Ariana was thinking bringing Bieber on stage with her, although the fans loved the duet, went crazy and probably did not even notice the flub. But Bieber, if you are crashing into someone else’s concert, atleast learn the lyrics.

The 21-year-old Baby star (who is not a baby anymore) has not had a concert since the Believe World Tour 2012-2013. Bieber sang the ‘The Weeknd’ part in the song ‘Love Me Harder’ but could not remember the words.

Right after the song ended, Bieber apologized to Grande and said he has been trying to memorize the lyrics backstage but he still forgot them.

“So I feel bad, I forgot the words, Ariana. I’ve been trying to memorize them backstage for like an hour.”

Ariana Grande laughed about it and said, ‘nobody heard’ and continued on with two more duet performances on songs, As Long as You Love Me and All That Matters.

“Had fun with u Ariana, even tho I forgot all the words haha.” Bieber posted this statement along with a picture on his Instagram sharing his experience about the concert and his ‘flub’.

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