Capcom is Hosting “Monster Hunter’s Gathering 2015” in Japan This May

By   /   Mar 30, 2015

Capcom has raised the banners to call in every Monster Hunter to take part in an upcoming event called Monster Hunter’s Gathering 2015.

The special event will take place in Japan this May, at the Tokyo International Forum. Attendees will have the opportunity to socialize with other fellow Hunters, as well as check out exclusive merchandize that will be up for sale.

Capcom has also promised to feature various acts and other highlights from the Monster Hunter universe, though the studio didn’t quite point out as to what kinds. One thing’s clear though, you can fully expect to find all the top and popular players from the game, who currently have earned themselves the celebrity status.

Monster Hunter’s Gathering surely sounds like a fun event to attend, if you’re a fan of the franchise.

Capcom could also take advantage of this event and take center stage to announce a new Monster Hunter game for Japan. That would certainly make the crowd go bananas.

Last week, an article on the Inven boards suggested that Monster Hunter Frontier Online 2 is in development for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The game is said to be targeting a release in early 2016 and is being developed using Unreal Engine 4. While the release date could be pushed around by the developers, it’s stated that Monster Hunter Frontier Online 2 is being targeted at the Japanese market only.

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