Steins;Gate 0 Announced as Direct Sequel to Original

By   /   Mar 29, 2015

Steins;Gate 0 is a new entry in the franchise and will be a direct sequel to the original Steins;Gate, 5pb. has announced.

The announcement was made by founder Chiyomaru Shikura during his live-stream “New Works Unveiling in TwitCast” on Saturday, where he assured that the new entry would not be a spinoff.

Steins;Gate 0 is going to include stories from three of the official novels, as well as from some drama CDs. A visual novel, an anime series, and a video game adaptation have all been confirmed.

Chiyomaru Shikura himself will be in charge of planning, while Tatsuya Matsubara will be acting as producer. Huke will once again provide character designs, and Take Abo is going to be composing music for the game.

Spoiler Alert – The story takes place in the beta world line, where Rintaro Okabe is unable to save Kurisu on July 28. He ends up returning to his lab alone and is unknown to the fact that Kurisu is still alive. The events of Steins;Gate 0 unfold after that moment and tell us what takes place afterwards.

5pb. has not announced what platforms the game is in development for.

Alongside the Steins;Gate announcement, Chiyomaru Shikura also announced an anime adaptation of Chaos;Child. The adventure game will also be coming to the PS4, PS3, PS Vita with a Z (18+) age rating on June 25.

A free demo of the title will debut on all three platforms on March 30, while limited editions of the game will feature a papercraft version of the “Present Box” and a drama CD starring Mio Kunosato.

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