New Space RTS Shallow Space: Insurgency Announced

By   /   Mar 29, 2015

Shallow Space: Insurgency is a new space real-time strategy title from recently formed studio, Special Circumstance Games.

The developers have taken heavy inspiration from popular space simulations like Homeworld and laid focus on organized combat, where players may begin with small fleets but later on end up managing large scale armadas.

“Inspired by iconic space simulations, such as Homeworld and Nexus: The Jupiter Incident and after been Greenlit on Steam within six days, we are excited to announce that Shallow Space: Insurgency is now in alpha and progressing well, through to the next stage of its interstellar development,” said James Martin, founder of Special Circumstance Games.

There are twelve colonies in the game that are constantly battling each other for resources and power. The continuous narrative will inform players about the political situation between each faction and who their true allies really are.

Players themselves will be tasked to command a spacecraft fleet and head out into space to provide policing and escort duties, harvesting resources or responding to random encounters, and more.

With its alpha running smoothly, the studio is now looking forward to initiate a crowdfunding campaign early next month. Once that is out of the way, the developers fully plan on “working day and night” to get the game ready for Early Access.

At the moment, Shallow Space: Insurgency is on track for an Early Access release on the PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam in Fall 2015.

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