Alien Nation Reboot by Twentieth Century Fox is in Full Flow!

By   /   Mar 29, 2015

Twentieth Century Fox is in full action for the reboot of 1980s Alien Nation. Gale Anne Hurd produced the Science Fiction back then.

The original Alien nation’s plot was set in Los Angeles of the future, where the Humans and Aliens are forced to live together. The ‘newcomers’ are isolated and deprived from their rights in society filled with hatred.

It is story of racial bias, which follows into a venture of two police officers paired together.

James Caan played the insensitive partner while Mandy Patinkin played the first alien officer. Although they have their differences in the beginning but a case results in creation of mutual understanding and respect between them.

Matt Holloway and Art Marcum are writing the script, they are most commonly known for their extraordinary works on the first Iron Man movie.

The only thing known so far is that Alien Nation’s first chapter will go in depth of explaining how everything started and why the aliens really came to Earth.

Although plot details are unavailable as of yet, the movie is expected to be a reincarnation of the studios own production Planet of the Apes.

Interestingly in the original comic series, Planet of the Apes and Alien Nation got a crossover titled ‘Ape Nation’ in the 1991 Malibu Issue.

Details about the producer, director and premiere are unavailable for now; but you should stay tuned as well will be filling you in as soon as something comes up!

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