Xeodrifter European, Australian, NZ Release in Ratings Process

By   /   Mar 28, 2015

Renegade Kid, the developer behind Moon Chronicles, Dementium and Mutant Mudds among others, is recently working on Xeodrifter, a Nintendo 3DS title.

While the game’s North American release was not an issue, it was a matter of concern for many Nintendo fans that Renegade Kid might ignore other territories, or might simply drop the plan for any other reason.

However, that is not the case! The cofounder of Renegade Kid, Jools Watsham has assured that they are going to bring the game to the European Union. He took to his official Twitter profile with a tweet confirming the release:

FYI: We are actively in the process of submitting @Xeodrifter to the various age rating boards for a release in EU.

So there you have it, Xeodrifter is not a North America only game! In fact, it is not even just a North America and Europe only game. Watsham has also confirmed in a separate statement that the game was being submitted for publication in Australia as well New Zealand.

In anothet tweet, he advertised the low price at which the game is being sold at the Nintendo eShop. The tweet reads that “you’ve worked hard all week! Reward yourself by saving money and picking up Xeodrifter for a measly $5.”

It was accompanied by an image on the game over at Nintendo eShop.

Xeodrifter is a game that has got a lot of attention, and positive too. Do you think you will be buying it when it releases in your region?

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