Valve Shares New Steam Statistics After Discovery Update

By   /   Mar 28, 2015

We know that Steam is the largest platforms for PC game developers to release their titles. It is known that big publishers will get an uplift in their sales if they release games to the digital distribution platform, but now we also know that the small indie developers are also experiencing the same.

Recently, Valve Corporation shared new statistics for the service after incorporating the effects of Discovery Update which changed quite a few things about how things work.

First off, Steam manager Tom Giardino revealed how the update had increased visibility of the titles on the front page of the website by a multifold:

Prior to the Discovery Update, the [front page carousel of games that we refer to as the main capsule] could only show 10-to-20 games per day to every user. [That was] regardless of what those customers owned, what they played, and what they liked. As a result of the changes introduced with the Steam Discovery Update, now over 4,000 unique titles are shown and clicked on via the main cap every day.

I am sure that this is going to boost the confidence of smaller development studios about releasing games to the platform.

Next, Giardino said that the growth is their sales was not simply attributed to major players, “but also from the smaller titles that are now better able to reach the audience that is right for them.”

Smaller scale developers (those that don’t form the top 500 best sellers) have experienced an 18 percent increase in their sales after the Discovery update was released!

Lastly, it was revealed that the curators were also playing a major role in ushering the customers towards new titles. Around 6000 of them are being followed by at least 10 people and in total around 1.3 million users have at least one Curator that they are following. Around 3.1 unique users took advantage of curator recommendations and went to given title’s page.

These are interesting improvements on Steam and another reason why we might see more and more PC game developers heading to Steam in the very near future. What do you say?

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