MLB 15 The Show: Complete Trophies List Revealed

By   /   Mar 28, 2015

We are only a couple of days away from the release of MLB 15 The Show, the game has been in the works for a while and I am sure that baseball fans would have been eagerly waiting for this day.

Any how, here’s something to help you plan out your game, the trophies list for MLB 15 The Show PlayStation 4 version have been revealed. Check them out below and tell us what you think:

  • A Complete Game – Earn all of the MLB 15 The Show Trophies.
  • Follow The Leader – While batting, successfully perform a double steal with runners on first and second.
  • The Creative Director – Influence a base hit with the directional hitting interface.
  • Cut. It. Out. – Use the new mid-flight cutoff feature while on defense.
  • Don’t Test Me – With any outfielder, throw out a runner at the plate.
  • Got Doubles? – While batting, hit back-to-back doubles.
  • The “Me” In Team – In any game mode, total 7 RBIs with one player in a game.
  • Straight Paint – Complete a full game (extra innings included) without walking a batter from the opposing team.
  • The Claw – While pitching, strike out 15 batters in a single game.
  • Sorry Kid – Catch a foul ball out of the field of play.
  • A One, A Two… – Get three double plays in one game.
  • #PitchersWhoRake – Hit a home run with a pitcher.
  • Nope – Successfully rob a home run.
  • Feel The Breeze – In a single inning, strike out 3 batters in a row with the same pitcher.
  • Good Eye – Perform a check swing on a ball just outside the strike zone.
  • Lucky – With any batter on offense, reach base on an error.
  • Graveyard Shift – Use the new quick shift feature, while on defense, to successfully record an out.
  • Legends Never Die – In Diamond Dynasty, play in a game with or against a Legend player.
  • You’re My Boy Blue – Successfully win a replay challenge.
  • See What I Did There? – Perform a slide step and successfully throw out a baserunner.
  • Hoarder – Purchase or be rewarded with one item in each equipment category: Bat, Batting Gloves, Fielding Glove, Cleats, and Ritual.
  • Trophy Hunter’s Trophy Trophy – Purchase or be rewarded with the Ritual item “Trophy Hunter’s Trophy.”
  • Supply or Demand – Using the buy now or sell now mechanic, purchase or sell any item on the marketplace.
  • Oh, It’s Perfect! – Be rewarded with a diamond quality item.
  • Hidden Trophy – N/A
  • Hidden Trophy – N/A

Also, you can check out the trophies list for the game’s PlayStation 3 version by going here.

MLB 15 The Show is being developed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita; the game the racks on March 31, 2015.

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