Fast and Furious 7: Tony Jaa’s Contract Delays Premiere in Thailand

Fast and Furious 7 is heading to cinemas in full throttle next weekend in USA, however, fans from Thailand will be deprived from the worldwide premiere as it has been delayed.

Sahamongkol Films are claiming that they are the sole talent agent of martial arts extravaganza, Tony Jaa until 2023. They went to the court and obtained a legal notice against Tony Jaa, United International Pictures and Universal Pictures claiming that he is breaching a management contract.

Sahamongkol and Jaa are having clashes from the past two years now. Jaa claims that the contract has been expired whereas Sahamongkol films (Thailand’s leading film group) asserts that the contract was renewed.

With Furious 7’s release just around the corner, Sahamongkol say that they are open for negotiations as the court will not address the case before June. Universal Pictures must settle this outside the court if they want the movie to release on time.

Sahamongkol is looking for a $49 million fat check along with 7.5% interest from the studios.

‘Ong Bak’ and ‘The Protector’ also known as Tom Yum Goong were two of the most famous movies distributed and produced by the banner.

Even if Universal Pictures pay Sahamongkol off, Jaa will still be in trouble and he might be receiving two more notices with similar allegations. ‘Sha Po Lang 2: A Man Will Rise’ and ‘Skin Trade’ are two high budget films featuring the ‘bad-ass’ martial arts star.

Fast and Furious 7 is set for April 1 release.