Europe to Get PSN Service Status Indicator in Coming Weeks

By   /   Mar 28, 2015

PlayStation users in the United States have been making use of the PSN service status indicator that Sony had launched for a while now. This was a good step since it helps keeping the users informed on the current state of the services and was really appreciated.

However, the service was only launched for the North American territories, and the rest of the regions had to wait. Now that Sony is sure the PSN service status indicator is well capable of doing its job, they are introducing it to other territories as well.

Recently, they were asked about the launch plans of the service in Europe and the official response statement revealed we will be able to see “something similar” in the works within the coming weeks.

Maybe slowly Sony can launch it for all the territories where PSN us used.

That being said, if the service is going to introduce the same features that it offers in United States, the it is going offer stability statuses for the following services:

  • Account Management
  • Sign In
  • Create Account
  • Gaming and Social
  • PlayStation Now
  • Video Unlimited
  • PlayStation Vue
  • PlayStation Store
  • Purchase
  • Download
  • Browse
  • Search
  • Redeem Voucher

In case you don’t know how it works, the status page for each service updates itself in real time and shows you a green lit signal if all is well.

This is a good step forward and a much needed one. Microsoft has had a similar service for a while now although they are a little less prone to losing Xbox Live in to the dark than Sony is about PSN.

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