Cleavage Tweets From Fable Legends Dev Lambasted by Fans

By   /   Mar 28, 2015

Well, there should always be space for some humor but there should always be a clear line between that and being offensive to someone. When you are on the internet, having that clear line is not easy and things get blurred resulting in people either making mistakes or the audience over reacting.

I will leave it up to you to decide which was the case in today’s episode with Lionhead Studios, the makers of Fable Legends.

What happened was that the official Twitter profile posted an image which had an image (see below) of a woman showing cleavage, holding two jugs in front; the image had the words “The Foaming Jugs” written on it and the tweet alongside it read “Happy #NationalCleavageDay from all of us at Lionhead Studios!”

Later on, they followed it up with another tweet with another image, this time of a male character’s butt from the Fable universe and the phrase “just to be clear, we don’t discriminate…,” written beside it.

Many of the people who follow them did not like it and reacted furiously with gamers relating it to the hot topic of women’s role in gaming and so on.

To the surprise of many of the fans who were okay with the images, Lionhead Studios deleted both the tweets and even issued an official apology in a new tweet:

We apologise for the imagery we shared earlier. Diversity & inclusion are values we uphold here. We’ll reinforce these values w/ our team.

Now if you go and read the conversation that followed this tweet, you will see that many of the Twitter users are saying things like “nice cop out,” “you have nothing to be sorry for,” “people just like making a big deal out of nothing” and that “they bullied you into submission…”

Which way do you see all this? Was it right for the Fable Legends developers to have deleted the iamges like they did, or not?

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