Battlefield 4 Getting New Game Mode, Weapons Crate in Spring Update

By   /   Mar 28, 2015

Fans of Battlefield 4 are looking forward to the Spring Update for the new content that it is going to bring; if you are not among those fans, check out these details and I am sure your interest will be triggered.

The Battlefield Battlelog has revealed two major additions that are being made to the game: a new mode and weapon crates.

While discussing the additions that are going to be made to Battlefield 4 with the spring update, the developers said that they are bringing a Battlefield 3 favorite, Gun Master, to the game. They also detailed how the said mode plays out:

In this mode, the goal is to earn kills with a set of pre-determined weapons, using one weapon at a time. When getting enough kills with one weapon, the player moves on to the next level and weapon. This continues until players reach the thrilling end round, where a Gun Master can be crowned by getting the final kill.

The other most important thing coming to the game with the spring update was also discussed i.e. Weapons Crates:

The Weapons Crate will contain five weapons new for Battlefield 4, including a classic lever-action rifle and a fan-favorite Russian assault rifle from a previous Battlefield game. Stay tuned for the exact content.

Developers also talked about the Community Map Project where fans and developers are designing a multiplyer level. In the polls so far, “jungle high-level setting,” was voted on while points of interest were waterfall, temple ruins, and ghost town – in that order.

Are you taking part in the Community Map Project of Battlefield 4? Also, will you be willing to pay for the spring update?

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