WWE 2K15 DLC Path of the Warrior Release Details Come on Saturday

By   /   Mar 27, 2015

We have known for a while that on this Saturday, the developers of WWE 2K15 will be revealing the upcoming downloadable content pack for the game called Path of the Warrior.

However, it was recently outed by community manager of 2K Sports that on the same day the developers will also share the release details for the DLC pack.

If you have been playing the game in the recent days, you would already know that the said DLC was mistakenly made available by Sony on their consoles for a small period of time.

Whether it was the final build or not, it went up in error so the developers contacted Sony and got it removed pretty quickly. However, that wasn’t before some of the users were able to download it.

This led to some of the fans questioning how exactly could a blunder like this happen if it was not intentional. The discussion was being held at the official forums of the game which is where the community manager came in to clarify that it was a mistake and nothing more.

In one of his answers he stated that “this has been answered and communicated. It was an error that has been rectified. Stay tuned to IGN’s broadcast for release details and a look at the upcoming Path of the Warrior DLC.”

The broadcast he is referring to is for the Fan Axxess event which is supposed to be held on Saturday.

Seeing how the WWE 2K15 DLC was already there to be made available on PlayStation 4, I highly doubt that the developers will now choose a release date far from now.

What do you think?

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