Mevius Final Fantasy Character Details Revealed, Coming Out This Spring

By   /   Mar 27, 2015

Mevius Final Fantasy, awaiting release on mobile devices, has received some brand new details. Square Enix has let us in to characters and some minor story details.

Oh and before we jump into details, fans should know that Mevius Final Fantasy is free-to-play when it comes out this spring.

Let’s take a look at some key characters.

Mevius Final Fantasy

Wol (May also be known as Wal): He is among the main characters of the game and is from an unknown planet. He has no memory of his past or how he landed in Palamitia. We will see his struggle of survival in a new world.

Mevius Final Fantasy 1

Sarah Lott Cornelia: She is a princess and descendant of Cornelia family from the Kingdom of Palamitia. She is charming and has a tidy, noble behavior of a princess. She is waiting for the arrival of a Warrior of Light, who’ll save her Kingdom, as mentioned in prophecy.

Well, I guess we can all connect the dots and be sure pretty when we say that Wol is the Warrior of Light. Still, we’ll have to play the game to find-out what happens.

Mevius Final Fantasy 2

Mog: This is probably the cutest character in Final Fantasy. Mog is among the Moogles of Palamitia. He will guide our hero in his journey and has the ability to share his memories and senses with others.

Lastly, the game is exclusive to Japan so not all of us are getting our hands on it.

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