Having 40 Insight in Bloodborne Can Be Really Tricky

By   /   Mar 27, 2015

Fans of Demon Souls, Dark Souls as well as newly impressed Bloodborne fans are all enjoying the chill and the thrill that From Software has created for them.

However, there are things in it that you might not see in the usual course of the game just like there are numerous tricky gameplay elements. A combination of the two is having an Insight as high as 40.

In the video above, a YouTuber shows you the effects that such a high level of Insight has on the game.

Insight is a valuable currency and it does help you in some of the hot waters that you could get yourself into, like tougher than expected bosses.

However, the game gets harder as you get more of it, at 20 your enemies get a bit more unpredictable and then at 40 it also reveals the Lesser Amygdala in the game.

You may see the video to see what the game looks like and how the revealed characters make it look even more formidable.

Lastly, if you are interested in the usage, farming, effects and understanding of Insight in Bloodborne, we suggest you read up all about it from this guide of ours.

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