DX12 Gets 1238% Increase Over DX11 in Draw Calls Per Second!

By   /   Mar 27, 2015

Well, this one is as much fascinating as it is important for the future of gaming. Although it was theoretical, but the DX12 was tested against DX11 to gauge its performance and improvements over its predecessor; and the results are insane!

We do understand that the API is going to hit the racks side by side with Windows 10 and until then we can do nothing but wait, however, the test in question will at least keep us glued.

The two APIs were gauged through the 3DMark API Overhead Feature Test thanks to Futuremark. However, before we go into details about the results, lets first see how exactly does it work. Here’s an explanation in the words of Futuremark:

A draw call happens when the CPU tells the GPU to draw an object on the screen. Games make thousands of draw calls per frame but each one creates overhead for the CPU. New APIs reduce the overhead allowing more draw calls to be made. We test each graphics API by increasing the number of draw calls until the frame rate falls below 30 fps.

So DX12 and DX11 were compared on the basis of draw calls using an AMD Radeon 260x, and the results were astonishing. While DirectX 11 at multi-thread, 991,796 draw calls were made per second. When DX12 was used, 13,268,733 draw calls per second were achieved!

One Microsoft rep has said that it will boost the frame rates by up to 20 percent, Microsoft itself has claimed that the over all performance will be uplifted by more than double; since this is just a test, lets keep a check on the hype and be hopeful that DX12 manages to sweep PC gaming off its feet.

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