Cities: Skylines Reverts to 1.0.6b Due to Save Issues With Latest 1.0.7b Update

By   /   Mar 27, 2015

Paradox Interactive has decided to roll back Cities: Skylines to the previous 1.0.6b version, after it was discovered that an unintentional bug in the latest 1.0.7b update disrupted the game’s saving system.

“Our newest patch, 1.0.7b, unintentionally made it impossible to properly load a large amount of save-games,” said ‘TotalyMoo’ of developers Colossal Order.

The decision was posted on the official forums around four hours ago and so the game should be back to the 1.0.6b version when you log into the game now. This will stay as default until the developer has identified and rectified the issue in the latest patch.

Those feeling adventurous or just plain bored, can still access the bugged update through Steam. Simply right-click on the game in your library, navigate to “properties” and then the beta tab. Select 1.0.7b from the drop-down option and you’re good to go. To revert back, simply follow the same steps and choose the earlier version.

You can see what version your game currently is running by glancing at the lower right corner of the game’s main menu.

Patch 1.0.7b was looking to bring a lot of bug fixes, UI changes and overall improvements to Cities: Skylines. You can head here to read through the changelog.

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