Call of Duty Franchise Has Sold 175 Million Units

By   /   Mar 27, 2015

Call of Duty has been around for ages and even after so many years, it’s still going strong. We just found out that Call of Duty Advanced Warfare made $31.2 million in revenue last month.

But that’s just one game, according to some newly revealed details, Call of Duty franchise has sold 175 million copies. That means billions of dollars in revenue for the creators. Not only that, but player engagement is off the charts as 100 billion matches have been played so far.

Moreover, during those matches players have thrown 300 billion, I repeat, 300 billion grenades at their enemies. Well, sometimes teammates too (speaking from experience).

Lastly, Sledgehammer says that 579 billion awards have been earned in the series. That’s 5 times more than the start in Milky Way Galaxy.

Note: All this data is from Call of Duty games release since 2010.

The success of this series is overwhelming and we expect it to continue with the years to come. The above mentioned details were shared in celebration of Call of Duty World Championship, that’s being held in LA from March 27-29.

The latest entry in the series is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and this year, reports suggest that we are getting Black Ops 3. If that’s the case, once again Call of Duty will top the charts around the world.

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