Bloodborne: Hotfix For Progression Bug Will Release Next Week

By   /   Mar 27, 2015

Players are reporting a serious issue plaguing Bloodborne that prevents everyone from obtaining a specific item required to progress in the game.

The Lunarium Key is found in Byrgenwerth College. However, ringing the Small Resonant Bell or the Sinister Resonant Bell in the Forbidden Woods area will trigger the bug and prevent the Lunarium Key from appearing.

The Key is required to unlock a new area, and so it’s understandable as to why players are annoyed.

From Software is already working on a hotfix that will clear out the bug, says a press release from Sony Computer Entertainment. While an exact release date wasn’t mentioned, the developer is looking to push out the fix sometime next week.

Sony advises players to not attempt co-op or PvP in the Forbidden Woods level until the hotfix goes through. Both actions are initiated by ringing the bells mentioned above.

Don’t confuse this hotfix with the game’s upcoming patch that will improve loading times and performance. That patch, announced earlier this week, is still being worked on and will be released in the future, after the hotfix is released.

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