Battlefield Hardline is Getting Battlepacks, For Real Cash Too!

By   /   Mar 27, 2015

Battlepacks are making a comeback in Battlefield Hardline. Players will be given the option to buy them with real cash (pay-to-win FTW?) Battlepacks are supplies you’ll get when you level-up, kill a plethora of enemies or, as we now know, for real cash.

The return of Battlepacks was announced in a post around 3 days ago, but the post was updated earlier to reveal this option:

In multiplayer, they (Battlepacks) can also be obtained by purchasing them through in-game cash that is also earned through normal play. Players now have the option to buy Battlepacks with real cash ($1-$3), but it is not required at any point in the game.

Battlepacks were last seen in Battlefield 4, since then developers have made some changes. For example, some items in Battlepacks can be re-sold for in-game cash.

According to a post on Reddit, here are the prices for Battlepacks in detail:

5 X Gold Battlepacks – $11.99
1 X gold battlepacks – 2.99
1 X silver battlepacks – 1.99
1 X bronze battlepacks – 0.99

So is this pay-to-win? It depends on the items you’re getting. For now, Battlepacks feature weapon skins, attachments, XP boosts and similar items or perks. So in my opinion, that isn’t pay-to-win, unless we are are getting weapons or other items that give an unfair advantage in combat.

Do you agree? Let me know of your take on this matter in the comments below.

Battlefield Hardline is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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