The Next Segment Ep.8 – Mobile Nintendo Confirmed, Bye Kojima!

By   /   Mar 26, 2015

Last week had some rather huge events happen all at once, so for those who have been missing out, The Next Segment is back to discuss the biggest items.

By some extent, the most important thing to happen is that Nintendo announced a partnership with DeNA, which will finally see the company take on the mobile market. This has been something a lot of people have been waiting on for a long time.

Additionally, the deal comes with a mysterious new device in the works, called NX. There will also be a premium membership of some kind, though as this is Nintendo, details are scarce right now.

Another big item is the rumor that Hideo Kojima from the Metal Gear series will leave the stable of publisher Konami. While the two parties are not confirming or denying this occurrence, Kojima’s name and brands have already been removed from Konami’s promotional assets, which would imply a departure.

More publishers shaking things up include Atari, who is claiming that arcade game TxK is treading on their Tempest franchise. Admittedly, the former is from a past developer on the series. The Next Segment also features some gameplay you might want to view with your eyeballs.

Driveclub isn’t doing too hot either. Its studio, Evolution, has suffered layoffs, while Sony is still trying to make the free edition of the racing game happen.

Valve, another major outlet, was in the news as well. Its 14-day return policy came under some scrutiny, since it only exists technically, but not veritably. Additionally, curator pages have received an update and are now required to disclose privileged information.

While most games were laying pretty low last week, Mortal Kombat X took the front stage with an old acquaintance. Predator, from the film franchise, appeared in the fighter game and hereby joins movie characters like Jason Voorhees.

Let us know what other big things you have been looking at, by telling us in the comments. We’ll see you on the next segment.

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