J. K. Rowling Responds to a Fan Confused About Dumbledore Being Gay

By   /   Mar 26, 2015

J. K. Rowling author of the Harry Potter book series replied to a fan in a simple and polite manner when she said she could not understand how Dumbledore was gay.

A fan named Ana Kovovic used Twitter to communicate with the writer and told her that she could not see Dumbledore being gay.

Her tweet read, “I wonder why you said that Dumbledore is a gay because I can’t see him that way?”

Rowling’s response was rather quick and simple. Although she does not use Social Media a lot but whenever she does, it goes viral.

Her response to Ana Kovovic was, “Maybe because gay people just look like… people?”

People around the Social Media loved this answer and praised Rowling for being the ‘best human ever’. Rowling also managed to satisfy Kovovic as she replied, “Amazing answer … Yes you are absolutely right. Such an inspiration!!!”

Rowling’s tweet went viral; it has been retweeted more than 14,000 times and favorited by almost 19,000 people.

Dumbledore’s sexuality was made public news in 2007, after J. K. Rowling published her last book of the series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

Rowling further explained as to why Dumbledore was single, he fell in love with his childhood friend Gellert Grindelwald who turned to the wrong side and was defeated by Dumbledore before the event that took place in the books.

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