Halo Online Debut Trailer Released

By   /   Mar 26, 2015

Russian developer Saber Interactive has released the first trailer for Halo Online.

The free-to-play title was announced yesterday as an exclusive title to PC, and which is currently only planned for launch in Russia. According to the developer any plans for a release on Xbox One or outside of Russia will be considered once the PC release is taken care of.

Halo Online is said to be built on a modified Halo 3 engine and will consist of 4-16 player multiplayer action. There will be various classes to choose from, and each will undergo a deep progression and customization system.

From translated texts being shared on NeoGAF, Halo Online will include perks similar to Call of Duty. Players will be able to perform special attacks when approaching enemies from the back with stealth.

There will be special weapons scattered around the map, such as a Bazooka, that will replace the pistol slot upon wielding. A total of five slots will be present for each class.

Different armor pieces will have different attributes, such as shoes giving movement speed and gloves improve recharging rates. Halo Online will feature a lobby system, where players can gather with friends for matches.

A closed beta session is going to be conducted later this month. More information on the game will be released with time.

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