GTA V: Update 1.09 Now Available for All

By   /   Mar 26, 2015

Update 1.09 is now live for GTA V on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The update comes shortly after the inclusion of Heists, a much awaited for feature that was being delayed for a long time. Patch 1.09 looks to fix some of the more pressing issues and glitches found in the game after that last update.

Additional fixes for GTA Online to improve stability, and other minor fixes for both GTA Online and Story Mode.

The patch weighs in at 4.7 GB, but that is said to be actually the full patch size. Players can choose to only download the data which is required for this new update, and which will be then considerably smaller in size.

GTA Online Heists was launched on both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms earlier this month. The four-player co-op mode requires all players to be rank 12 or higher. Another requirement is owning a high-end apartment where the Heist Leader will setup shop.

From here on he/she will be able to give out missions, starting with the prep work and ending up with the loot.

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