Game Talk Ep.8 – Rogueish Steam Bundle Bio Stink

By   /   Mar 26, 2015

There’s, once more, a ton to go over in this week’s for Game Talk. Outside of major releases, there’s a surprisingly wide, varied and interesting world full of cool projects.

First up, The Indie Mixtape is a new initiative from publisher Curve Digital. This action wants to promote games that wouldn’t normally get to Steam’s digital distribution, by curating a bundle of projects that will be able to get sold on Valve’s store.

Curve’s previous track record includes Stealth Inc., Velocity and The Swapper. The Indie Mixtape will feature some roguelikes, as well as puzzle games and other genres.

In more surprising news, Bio Inc. released some statistics showing a surprising number of pirated copies for the Plague Inc. clone. More than 2 million of 7 million downloads have been downloaded illegally, despite Bio Inc. being a free game.

As with previous episodes of Game Talk, we have more localizations to point out. This week, The Awakened Fate Ultimatum makes it to Western shores for more roguelike elements on Playstation 3, instead of the usual roleplaying game models from the Japanese crowd.

Keeping with the theme, we play a little Red Rogue, an interesting release now on Players get the choice between crawling through dungeons in real-time or in the standard turn-based design.

Hell, we even throw in some KeeperRL, a mix of Dungeon Keeper base building and Dwarf Fortress area management that will be out on Steam shortly. And yes, the RL in the game’s name stands for “roguelike,” since we’re sounding like a broken record in this week’s Game Talk.

Lastly, both PS4 and Xbox One get some known faces. Slender: The Arrival is out now and Strike Vector will be available at a later date.

Make sure to check out this week’s Game Talk and leave a comment, while we go out to find you even more interesting games to show you.

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