Evolve’s New Trailer Shows Behemoth in Action

By   /   Mar 26, 2015

A new gameplay trailer for Evolve offers a look at the game’s upcoming DLC and shines the spotlight on the asymmetrical shooter’s fourth playable monster, Behemoth.

Behemoth is a new breed of Monster that appears as a Golem-like creature. He’s the largest monster yet to be featured in the game and according to Turtle Rock Studios, will be the largest there ever will be in Evolve.

Due to his sheer size, Behemoth is unable to jump or leap. Instead he is able to roll across the landscape “like a juggernaut.” You can watch him in action in the video above.

Evolve’s upcoming DLC is pegged for release next week on March 31 and will also include four new Hunters: Torvald (Assault), Crow (Trapper), Slim (Medic), and Sunny (Support). In addition to all of that, the developer will also be releasing two free maps: The Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry. These will launch first on the Xbox One, before they arrive on PS4 and PC on April 30.

Players who do not buy Behemoth or the new Hunters are still able to play against or alongside the new characters. According to 2K Games, this decision adds “depth and replayability for the entire Evolve community without dividing players based on what additional content they own.”

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