BioWare Provides Motion Capture Set Photo for Mass Effect 4

By   /   Mar 26, 2015

BioWare has provided a small update on the development status of the new Mass Effect game, which currently we’re dubbing as Mass Effect 4. Earlier today, its cinematic director Ken Thain posted a behind-the-scenes photo of a motion capture set (above) with the caption: “Getting our motions on at TheCaptureLab in Vancouver. A very cool scene for the next #MassEffect.”

BioWare has been fairly active this year, boasting on social media about how beautiful the game is looking. That leads us to hope that there’s a chance we get to see the game in action at E3 this year. It still might not be a full reveal, and just footage from the opening mission would be enough for fans.

The new Mass Effect has been confirmed by senior development director Chris Wynn to take place after the events of the original trilogy. A large emphasis is being laid to exploration. This aspect along with the return of the Mako (vehicle that players pilot on the surface of planets) may suggest that this time around we’ll be able to do more upon reaching new worlds.

The new installment in the franchise has also been confirmed to include an online component. Details on this are next to none right now.

Source: Ken Thain (Twitter)

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