Battlefield Hardline: Upcoming Weapons Changes Detailed By Visceral

By   /   Mar 26, 2015

Developer Visceral took to its official website to let us in on some upcoming changes related to weapons in Battlefield Hardline.

Every little change made in the following list was a result of user feedback, as explained by a post by developers. Visceral made adjustments for some balancing issues and improved overall experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • K10: Reduce bullet damage to 33
  • Saiga and PTR: reduce recoil to bring more in line with Cop faction DMRs
  • HCAR and HK51: reduce recoil to bring more in line with SCAR-H and SA-58
  • .410 Jury: Increase damage per pellet to become more effective
  • FMG-9 and M/45: Increase damage per round to 25 and push out falloff start range to make these weapons more effective
  • Battlerifle min damage increased to 25 across the board
  • AKM min damage reduced to 24

Battlefield Hardline came out a few days ago and I have to say, it has lived-up to expectations. If still haven’t played the game, you can buy yourself a copy for either PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC.

What other changes would you like to see in Battlefield Hardline? Share your opinions with me in the comments below.

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