Xbox 360 Emulator “Xenia” is Now Capable of 60Fps

Those aware with the happenings of emulation scene are no stranger to “Xenia.” An Xbox 360 emulator for PC released a while back. In March 2014, Xenia successfully emulated Frogger 2, a title released in 2008 on Xbox Live Arcade.

However, the emulation was at a very low-frame rate.

The low frame rate was due to fact that Xenia was using a debug interpreter for emulation, but with time and development progress, Xenia has now come to a more acceptable frame-rate.

Creator Ben Vanik has released a new video showing the emulator in action and playing another XBLA title called A-Train HX. The creator claims that the game is running at 60Fps, well, almost 60. According to Vanik: “Performance is near 60fps and limited by graphics API overhead. Things can be made much better when Vulkan/D3D12 arrive”

This is great news for PC users wanting to play Xbox 360 games. But they should know that it might take years before this software is capable to running games like Gears of War or Halo at a higher frame-rate. Moreover, even when the software is fully capable of running every single Xbox 360 game out there, will Microsoft let it?

Something tells me they won’t be too happy about Xenia running their games on PC. Anyways, if you wish to give Xenia a try, head down to the official website and download the free software.

What do think? How long will it take for Xenia to run AAA Xbox 360 games on PC?