Triad Wars Closed Beta Starts Now, Gameplay Video Shared

By   /   Mar 25, 2015

Back in September last year, Square Enix unveiled Triad Wars and motioned towards the closed beta phase where a select number of players would be able to try out the game.

Now we have picked up word that the kick off day has arrived, the beta is starting now and all the fans of Sleeping Dogs who were lucky to get in are going to get a first hand taste.

As for the ones who weren’t that lucky (or interested in trying out the beta build), we have a good long gameplay video that helps you get to know Triad Wars and the way it is going to feel like.

Embed above is a 30 minute long clip (with Russian commentary) which, among many other things, shows you how the maps and combat works; how you will need items to replenish your health like ice cream from a stall that the player stops his car to buy at one point and so on.

Triad Wars is an MMO spin off from the Sleeping Dogs series which Square Enix choose to regard as a sequel to Sleeping Dogs too.

The game is being developed for Microsoft Windows and it is expected that it will be out in the markets by the second half of 2015.

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