PS4 System Update 2.50 Detailed, Coming Out Tomorrow

By   /   Mar 25, 2015

Sony has detailed the new update 2.50 for PlayStation 4. The update brings along plenty of wanted features including suspend/resume and the ability to upload videos directly to Dailymotion.

Update 2.50 is codenamed “YukiMura” and here’s what you can expect from it:

Suspend/Resume: Finally, we can easily jump in and out of our games by pressing the PS button. When in Rest Mode, press the PS button to switch to powered mode and play the game from where left-off.

Back-up and restore HDD to USB: You can now use a USB drive to back-up or restore data on your PS4 including games, patches, saved data, screenshots, videos, settings and more.

Find and connect with friends: Yukimura will add a new set of social tools to help you connect better with friends on the internet.

  • Facebook friend finder: You can now search for friends on Facebook via your linked account.
  • Improved friend requests: Friend requests and Real-Name requests can now be sent simultaneously in one step.
  • Streamlined Party process: Process of creating a party is made easy by reducing the steps required.
  • Find friends who play your games: You can now see which of your friends own the game you play. Head to the game detail page to see a new section called “Friends Who Play This.”
  • Join Friends directly from news feed: 2.50 is also adding a new tile in the What’s New section where you can see which games are being played by your friends. You’ll have the option to join if you wish.

Share earned trophies and optimise your trophy list: We are being offered more ways to show off earned trophies along with some management tools.

  • Automatic Trophy screenshots: Enabling this option will mean that a screenshot will be captured every time you earn a new trophy.
  • SHARE Trophies: Share trophies with your friends on Facebook, Twitter. You can also massage them by pressing the share button.
  • Additional Trophy sorting options: You can now sort your list by Earn Date.
  • Delete 0% Trophies: Games with 0% trophy completion can be removed from the list.

Improved and expanded accessibility options: New options for UI customizations have been added into the mix.

  • Custom button assignment for DS4.
  • Zooming feature for pictures and inverted colors for app, in-game and other functions.
  • Text-to-speech for all graphical UI including Party, Massages and
  • Enlarged text for all graphical UI including browser, Party, Massages.
  • Higher contrast and bolder fonts for first party apps.

Remote Play and Share Play: Games with 60Fps, will now run at the same frame-rate via Remote and Share Play on supported devices.

Automatic installation for system software updates: You can now enable auto-install for future updates for PS4.

Sub-account upgrade: Sub-accounts can now be upgraded to Primary accounts for users of age 18 or above.

Verified Accounts: Select producers, designers, developers, community managers will have a verified account with a badge.

Dailymotion: Upload videos directly to Dailymotion.

Head over to the PlayStation Blog for more. Expect PS4 system update 2.50 to roll-out tomorrow.


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