Payday 2 DLC Plans Extended by Two More Years!

By   /   Mar 25, 2015

Well, if you love Payday 2, you are going to love Overkill Software even more after this news. It has been revealed by the developers that they are not through with the game yet – in fact, they are not even half way there!

Overkill Software has confirmed that they will continue developing content for the game for two more years during which you are bound to get updates, free packs, paid DLC and who knows what.

It has been a little less than two years since Payday 2 released, at such a point one would think that the game is about to get pushed down the priority list – but not this one.

Here’s what the development team is saying about it:

We’ve seen many of your comments already. At OVERKILL, we are still celebrating. If you’ve been trying to steal cars in the Car Shop Heist or have been avenging Hoxton all day, this might be news for you. Let me get you in the loop: We are going to support PAYDAY 2 for two more years!

Yes! We are very excited about this. We love working on PAYDAY 2 and look forward taking care of our game for two more years, making new free updates, paid DLC’s and awesome campaigns together with the community.

What made this possible, you might ask; and the developers explained, the development studio has struck a new deal with publisher 505 Games and apparently, they are both impressed by the outcome of the dozens of DLC bits that have been released so far.

Isn’t that just awesome? Or do you think that there already is so much to get for free or buy in Payday 2 that the next two years will only pile up the number of DLC that you have missed out on?

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