H1Z1 has Sold Over 1M Copies, New Update Fixes Detailed

By   /   Mar 25, 2015

You guys are really loving to be in a zombie apocalypse, and the fact that H1Z1 has sold over one million copies (among many other games based on the same genre), shows it.

The news was revealed by John Smedley, the president of Daybreak Game Company (which used to be Sony Online Entertainment prior to being sold off) through his official Twitter profile where he boasted that “we have sold over 1M copies of H1Z1 on Steam.”

This was the unofficial first goal that was set by the publisher and developers of the game. Now that it has been met, they can look at new heights.

That is not all, recently a new patch was released that changed a few things in the game.

Firstly, the update has changed how Battle Royale rewards work, a new mystery bag has been introduced and so the bounty you get for winning is different too. Those of you who hated getting incorrect ranks being reported can rest assured too, the problem has been fixed.

You can now earn crates through normal play because their drops have also been changed. In fact, there is more in connection with crates. You will see two new types of crates in H1Z1, neither one of them depends on the other and nor are they similar.

You can get one of the new crates by playing H1Z1 and the other by playing BR.

Last but not the least, the developers have shared a list of other fixes that have been made to the game:

  • Improved procedural spawners to make zombies more populous around high-player-traffic areas.
  • LOD’s (Level of Detail) added to vans, cabinets, and weapon shelves
  • Added fixed emote key-bindings for new emotes
  • Added new locations for weapon spawns
  • Fixed glow-in-the-dark map object
  • Adjustments to firing animations
  • Adjustments to a few textures and collision objects
  • Prepared data for Oceanic servers (AU)

Have you played H1Z1 recently? What other things needed to be fixed?

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