Elite Dangerous Contest Winners Announced, Details Inside

By   /   Mar 25, 2015

Elite Dangerous came out last year for PC and along with it, a new contest came to light. Developer Frontier announced the Race to Elite contest with a  notable prize pool of around $20,000 USD.

After a few months, the winners have been announced via a YouTube video by CEO David Braben. Four players have split the prize, while one of them have won $15,000.

The contest asked players to achieve elite status in combat, trade and exploration. The first to do so won $15,000 while others divided the remaining amount. A player with an in-game ID of Commander Tequila won the award for exploration by traveling 190,000 light years and visiting 8000 different stars.

Another player named Lordkee won the award for trade by exchanging 8000 metric tons of in-game goods. Lastly, Fromtonrouge took home the award for combat by taking down 8,500 enemy ships.

As for the grand prize, Onepercent is the player who did it all. He visited 10,000 different star systems, traded 835,000 tons of goods and killed 9,000 enemies.

That’s beyond impressive isn’t it?

If you are an Xbox One owner and wish to explore the vast universe of Elite Dangerous, you’re in luck. Elite Dangerous is heading to your platform later this year. Don’t worry, by the time the game come out, there will still be plenty of stars for you to explore.

According to Frontier, at current exploration rate it will take players 150,000 years to fully explore the game.

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