New Splatoon “Stages” Trailer Shows Levels and Ink Usage

By   /   Mar 24, 2015

The colorful shooter for Wii U called Splatoon has received a brand new trailer. The footage is brief but shows just how fun this game can be on different levels.

Players can shoot colorful ink on enemy territory and use it to move quickly. At the end of the match, the team controlling most of the map/stage will win.

Players can use ink to hide themselves from the enemy. For example, there is an enemy called “Bomb Octocopter.” He floats around the map and throws bombs at your character. To dodge his attack, you can use ink to hide yourself and avoid being killed.

You’re not defenseless against such enemies as you can use a range of different weapons to defend yourself. Weapons in Splatoon are divided into groups of three according to some new information revealed on twitter. You’ll have Main Weapons, Sub-Weapons and Special Weapons.

You can read more about all that here.

Splatoon is still without a release date but we can expect the title to be released sometime in May. Nintendo is launching the title exclusively for Wii U.

Check out the new trailer above and share your views about the game below.

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