Minecraft: Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack Now Available for PlayStation

By   /   Mar 24, 2015

Minecraft on the PlayStation platforms has received two new downloadable content packs today – the Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack and Pattern Texture Pack.

The new Mass Effect Mash-Up pack gives players the opportunity to explore the Mars Facility from Mass Effect 3. It also allows players to craft their own worlds using items and textures from BioWare’s popular sci-fi trilogy. A total of thirty-six characters skin are there to be taken advantage of, as well as twenty-two soundtracks in-game.

The Pattern Texture Pack gives players new texture options to “decorate their Minecraft worlds with bright colors, beautiful patterns, and knitted animals.” According to Sony, the pack – with a themed UI – can be used to stylize both new and previously created Minecraft worlds.

The Mass Effect Mash-Up pack costs $4, while the Pattern Texture Pack costs $1 on the PlayStation Store for PS4, PS3, and Vita. Both are available, with the Texture Pack costing the same on Xbox platforms.

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