Bloodborne Vicar Amelia Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

By   /   Mar 24, 2015

Vicar Amelia is the fourth boss that you can encounter in Bloodborne. This boss can be found in Cathedral Ward and rewards player with Gold Pendant. This guide is an overview of how to defeat the boss in the Cathedral Ward.

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Bloodborne Vicar Amelia Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Vicar Amelia has a ton of attacks at her disposal which carry a high damage output and can end the battle within the blink of an eye. However, all of these attacks are landed from the front side and can be dodged rather easily.

Tip: To summarize the entire boss fight, you just need to stay behind and as close to her as possible.

Similar to Blood-starved Beast, Amelia can grab your character and deal massive amount of damage but this only happens if your character is too close to her and directly in front.

In addition to this, she has a couple of sweeping attacks which cover a lot of frontal ground and even sides. Therefore, try to maintain a safe distance and stay as far as possible – especially during the beginning.

At longer ranges, she slams her fists into the ground, creating a devastating shockwave and also leaps towards your character. Both of these attacks are strictly exclusive to long-ranged combat and if you are close to her, you do not have to worry about either of these attacks.

At frequent intervals, Amelia will hold her talisman and being to glow. As soon as you see this happen, rush behind her and start delivering all sorts of attacks. As long as you are behind her, no damage may befall your character.

One thing to keep in mind while your character behind Amelia is her turning around. She does this from time to time, but as long as you are paying attention to her animations, you should be fine.

After she turns around, get behind her once more and continue with your attacks to bring her down.

Once you have defeated Vicar Amelia, inspect the item placed on the pedestal at the far end of the area to trigger a small cut-scene and lit the Grand Cathedral Lamp to continue with your journey.

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