Bloodborne PC Version Listed On Amazon, What?

By   /   Mar 24, 2015

The last time I checked, Bloodborne was a PlayStation 4 exclusive title that Sony was boasting of like none other. So what is all this fuss about a PC version?

Apparently, Amazon France has listed the game under the PC category too – could be an error? Could it be a legitimate leak? No one knows for sure.

However one thing is definite, the game listing is causing a lot of havoc among the community members, PC and consoles alike.

In the past, fans of Dark Souls and others who have grown to like the way From Software makes games, have even launched a petition asking the developers to bring the game to PC.

Sending all those efforts down the drain, marketing manager of Bloodborne Yasuhiro Kitao firmly stated back in February that there was not going to be any such thing as a PC version.

Coming back to the listing, interestingly, Amazon claims that the game is going to be unleashed on March 25, 2015. We know that is definitely not going to happen because the alleged release would then be tomorrow.

Bloodborne released today as a PlayStation 4 exclusive the game has also received a day one patch which was detailed by From Software. You may go here to read up on it.

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