Bloodborne Has Just One Shield in the Whole Game!

By   /   Mar 24, 2015

We all know how Bloodborne has been regarded as the spiritual successor to Demon Souls, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have an identity of its own.

Although it is reminiscent of Demon Souls games, From Software have also ensured that they add enough features to be able to differentiate between the two.

For instance, the previous souls game have had a recognizable gameplay mechanic built around the shields. This is going to be very limited in the case of Bloodborne. How is that, you might ask, well it is because the developers have only included a single shield in the entire game.

Not just that, it is something you acquire easily in the initial stages of the game and being made of wood, there is a very finite number of hits it can bear. Every time an enemy strikes, the shield gets damaged before eventually getting wasted.

So yes, it is not as effective as shields used to be back in the games that the community is relating it with.

The shield is not the only part where Bloodborne differentiates from its spiritual predecessors, the presence of guns in the game also has a major role to play in this.

Bloodborne was released today as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. It has so far made its way to North America (today), this will be followed by a release in the European Union tomorrow i.e. March 25. The day after tomorrow, the Japanese release will be made and finally the United Kingdom will get it separately on March 27, 2015.

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