Blackrock Mountain: Blizzard Reveals Three New Cards

By   /   Mar 24, 2015

Blizzard has revealed three more cards for its upcoming Blackrock Mountain expansion pack for Hearthstone.

Blackrock Mountain - Blackwing TechnicianBlackrock Mountain - Blackwing Technician

The first – Blackwing Technician – is a minion that costs 3 mana to play. It initially comes with 2 attack and 4 health, but can boost the attributes by 1 if the player is holding a Dragon in his hand, turning it into a 3/5 minion on the field.

Blackrock Mountain - Blackwing Corruptor
The second – Blackwing Corruptor – is a minion that costs 5 mana to play. It comes with 5 attack and 4 health, and a Battlecry that will allow players to deal 3 damage if they are holding a Dragon card in their hand.

Blackrock Mountain - Dragon's Breath
The third – Dragon’s Breath – is a mage card that costs 5 mana to play. It deals 4 damage and costs 1 less for each minion that died that turn. It’s perfect for trapping opponents once the field has been cleared.

Similar to the previous Naxxramas expansion, the Blackrock Mountain update will feature a weekly series of adventures and is due for release in April. There will be a total of five wings, incorporating seventeen bosses and thirty-one brand new cards.

Pre-orders for Blackrock Mountain are open. Early buyers will be rewarded with an exclusive card back for their collection.

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