Battlefield 4 CTE Gets Fixes for Many Netcode Related Issues

By   /   Mar 24, 2015

Around two weeks ago Battlefield 4 CTE received a Yeti and two night time maps, a little before that the Winter Patch was released to Xbox One and PC which brought forth a new game mode – among other things.

This time we are not talking about the new items and maps that the game has got. This time it is about what DICE LA has done to improve the game itself.

SOme massive changes were made to the game’s netcode in CTE recently and it was claimed that they had improved many of the issues in the game.

The video above (from YouTuber Battle Nonsense) shows off what has been changed in the game and to what extent.

For instance, you would remember how the players heard and felt two impacts upon being shot; this has been fixed now, at least in CTE. Next up, collecting damage sometimes hurt the player at the receiving end a lot more than it should when he/she was shot thrice; this has been fixed as well.

There are numerous other netcode related issues that have been addressed in the Battlefield 4 CTE. Check out the video above for a detailed inspection of each one of them.

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