You Will Need a High-End PC to Play Eve Valkyrie Alpha

By   /   Mar 23, 2015

Just last week, CCP asked fans to register for closed alpha test of Eve Valkyrie. The offer was limited to current Eve and Dust 514 players. Registration is still open if you have an account for either of these game.

However, playing Eve Valkyrie’s alpha will require a pretty high-end PC. Exact specs aren’t yet revealed but according to CCP, “the alpha test’s going to be pretty high spec.”

“I can tell you for the first alpha test, it’s going to be quite high, said Sigurdur Gunnarsson, Valkyrie’s lead programmer. “We’ve already had to do a lot of optimisation to get the game running, what you see today. But we need to do a lot more before we launch the game. The alpha test’s going to be pretty high spec.”

So how high-end are we talking about here? Well, Gunnarsson recommend something from NVIDIA 900 or AMD 200 series. “One of the new ones” he says.

One of the new ones? I think some of the latest cards are GTX 970 and GTX 980, while over at the AMD side we have R9 290 and R9 285. Any of these cards will definitely strain your wallet.

Hopefully, the final build of the game is optimized to run on a variety of different specs, not just high-end.

So? Can you run the alpha on your PC? Let us know of your specs in the comments below.


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