Star Citizen Patch 1.1 is Available With New Damage System, Landing Modes and More

By   /   Mar 23, 2015

Not too long ago, Cloud Imperium Games made a promise to bring us a new damage system for Star Citizen. The developer has lived-up to its word as the new system is now live courtesy of patch 1.1.

It’s similar to the one we see in racing games where cars get damaged on impact or collision, just apply the same concept to a spacecraft.

The new system is as realistic as it gets, not only the ship’s textures will be effected upon damage but it will also start breaking apart if things get intense.

All hail the new procedural geometric and texture-based damage!

Moreover, build 1.1 brings new character animations that will make them look less-cranky and annoyed all the time. Here’s what Roberts Space Industry says about patch 1.1.

“The new dynamic damage system has been launched with the Gladius, and will eventually be applied to all old and new ships. Arena Commander also now features a landing system, a new Mounts system with the introduction of Gimbal Mounts to the store and, likely most interesting for today’s pilot, the launch of the REC system. This is our first pass at rental credits, aimed to allow payment-free progression in Arena Commander.”

Apart from the damage system, the most notable addition is a new two mode landing system. With multiple control tiers, this landing system will use the targeting system to lock onto a nearby landing zone/pad. The ship will align accordingly to make a smooth landing on the pad by itself.

This was the automated part of the system, the other one is manual where players will have to deploy the landing gear and land the ship themselves. This mode is more suitable for experienced pilots.

What else is in patch 1.1? Head over to the official website for more.

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