Rainbow Six: Siege Closed Beta Will Happen Later This Year

By   /   Mar 23, 2015

Ubisoft has confirmed that a closed beta test for Rainbow Six: Siege is scheduled to take place later this year.

In order to be eligible for that, players are required to pre-order the game.

“Yes, you can now pre-order Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege to get access to the Closed Beta later on this year,” Ubisoft told VideoGamer. “Stay tuned for more information on the Closed Beta in the coming months.”

Rainbow Six: Siege is currently in closed alpha testing, and the weekend saw a tester upload gameplay footage that must probably have been taken down since then. The footage was from a multiplayer match, which pitted both sides in a hostage rescue mission aboard an airline.

Rainbow Six: Siege is in development for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and is pegged for a release later this year. If that date is going to be met, Ubisoft might conduct the closed beta testing around summers, after E3. Close to the release date, it can then offer an open beta session, which I’m sure the crowd would love.

Battlefield: Hardline did their testing a similar way, and thanks to the involvement of the community, the developer was able to tweak a lot of aspects of the game. That however, ended up delaying the game by a significant margin.

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